Melody Ricketts is a Real-Life Disney Princess

Most girls dream of becoming a Disney Princess, but for Melody Ricketts, dreaming wasn’t enough. So she became one.  

Melody is an LA-based actress and singer with a flair for the dramatic and a burning passion for anything Broadway and Disney. But LA is full of aspiring actors, the competition is tough, and until she makes it in Hollywood, Melody still has to pay the bills. She came up with an ingenious way to do that – instead of waiting tables at a café or babysitting, Melody started hosting children’s birthday parties as a Disney princess. It’s kind of genius if you think about it – it’s a job that allows her to showcase her talent and home her skills as an actor and singer, and bring a smile to the face of hundreds of children.

Working as a professional Disney Princess isn’t all fun and games, mind you. In fact, Melody’s weekends, which is when most children’s birthday parties take place, tend to be hectic. She has to get up with the break of dawn to apply her makeup – she has to look exactly like the princess she’s playing! – and then she puts her dress and wig and drives to the first of many parties, where she’ll sing for the kids, answer questions and play games. It’s not an easy job – but for Melody, it’s a dream come true.