Misato Sano Creates Playful Dog Sculptures Using a Single Block of Wood

Misato Sano is a Japanese artist who is taking her love for dogs as an inspiration for amazing sculptures. Sano creates sculptures of playful dogs using a single block of wood.

One thing that sets Sano’s sculptures apart from all other dog-inspired artworks is that she doesn’t strive for reality. Instead, the artist also tries to capture the dog’s personality, uniqueness, and contagious energy. This leads to sculptures that show dogs with oversized limbs, dogs sticking their tongue out, dogs doing yoga, and more.

According to Sano, she views her works as “self-portraits.” She views the creation process as expressing herself in the form of a dog, believing that this allows her to “embody” her thoughts and inner nature.

“Creating a variety of versions of yourself means having a genuine dialogue with yourself. I want to be as passionate, free and loving as a dog when dealing with myself. My work is also me looking at myself. Maybe I’m continuing to create a presence that watches over me, whether I’m by my side or apart,” she explains on her website.

Sano frequently shares her newest pieces on her Instagram page. Continue scrolling to check out more of them below.