Fiber Artist Creates Adorable Miniature Sweaters

People usually see sweaters as a piece of clothing that protects them from the cold or helps them make a fashion statement. But for fiber artist Althea Crome, they are a source of inspiration for her unique art series in which she creates adroable miniature sweaters.

While Crome’s creations don’t have a practical purpose, they are impressive to look at. Despite working on a smaller scale, the artist is able to pack a lot of details in a tiny piece. She is able to do so thanks to special tools, which she makes herself.

Recently, Crome managed to capture Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting “Starry Night” on one of the sweaters.

You must be wondering why and how Crome decided to focus her creativity in such an unusual way. According to the artist herself, there as several reasons for that.

“I love the human form and so creating a sweater gives the piece a human, sculptural form, “Crome explains. “I also love the paradox of creating an object that takes the form of something you can wear, yet is impossible to wear. Finally. I love how the form of the garment gives me the ability carry the image over several different areas with bumps and turns and that to see the whole thing, you must turn it or walk around it. “

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