Miss Pop’s Nail Art is the Opposite of Understated

When it comes to fashion there’s no such thing as too much glam. Case in point: Simcha Whitehill’s extravagant nail art. Also known as Miss Pop, the New York City-based nail artist makes eye-popping nail designs that have caught the world’s attention.

With features on publications such as ElleMarie Claire, and Style.com/Print, as well as regular features on New York Fashion Week, Miss Pop’s colorful manicures are here to make a statement.

And boy is that statement bold. “A lot of people underestimate the power of an interesting manicure,” said the nail artist in an interview with the Cut. “I like making nails look like jewelry—accessories that extend through the hands.”

“I’ve loved all that beauty stuff since I was a little girl,” she admitted. “I kind of had a rekindling of my true love. I was lucky to grow up with makeup, seeing it as a constant opportunity for self-expression.”

Check out some of her nail art in the gallery below. Would you dare rock any of these designs?