Mom Makes Webcomics About Her Life With 5 Year Old Twins

People love reading webcomics about everyday, ordinary lives because they can relate. If you are one of those people, then you can’t miss Winda Lee’s masterpiece called Gummy’s Diary!

Artist, YouTuber, designer, wife and a mom of five years old twin by, Winda is indeed a superwoman who illustrates her silly life and all the sweet things that happen in her life.

“Trapped in my heavy packed routines, sometimes small sweet things that happen in my life are taken for granted and forgotten,” the artist shared. “Therefore, I decided to make comics about my life and my family. Just simple moments that will live forever that I will leave for both of my kids when they will be older.”

Winda also makes animated videos about her life and shares beginner and expert drawing tips and trick.

Check out her work below.