This Instagram Page is What Unicorn Lovers Always Wanted

Image via tikkido/Instagram

We all have obsessions; some love collecting old postcards, some have a huge crush on Rami Malek and some are into imaginary animals, like this cook.

Nikki Wills, also known as tikkido on social media, is a superwoman who loves unicorns! She introduces herself as the writer, editor, and creative force behind her blog called (you have guessed right!)

She majored in English and Anthropology at Vassar College and earned a law degree from the University of Iowa College of law. Nikki is also a tiara designer! But, according to her, cooking, baking, and blogging are still her favorite things to do.

“I guess I’ll always be an eight-year-old girl at heart, because I still LOVE UNICORNS.” Wills wrote. Which is why I make unicorn cupcakes, cookies, and drool over other people’s unicorn treat creations, too.”

Check out her delicious treats below.