Musician Crafts a Full-Functioning Guitar Using LEGO Bricks

We have seen some really fascinating projects come to life thanks to LEGO bricks. However, a recent creation by Austrian musician Bernth is really something special.

Bernth recently decided to craft a full-functioning guitar using LEGO bricks and use it to play his new song “Memories”. He documented the process in a video shared on YouTube, and it is a must-watch.

To build his LEGO guitar, Bernth sketched an outline on a Lego baseplate and proceeded to construct the guitar body using plastic bricks. He then attached a bridge and guitar neck before placing nylon strings.

Upon finishing the guitar, Bernth sits down in his studio and performs “Memories” on it. As expected, the sound of the guitar is unique but quite captivating.

In the text comments placed in the video, Bernth explains that the guitar sounds like nothing he has ever heard while giving him a “warm feeling of nostalgia mixed with childhood memories.” As it turns out, he played with the same LEGO bricks when he was a child.

“Sometimes, we can all build something new with what we thought we lost in the past. So let’s never forget where we came from,” he adds.

Check out this cool video below.