Nastasya Shuljak Creates Adorable Felted Wool Creatures

Nastasya Shuljak is a creative artist from Moscow, Russia who uses wool to create adorable felted animals, smiling trees, and other tiny sculptures inspired by nature.

Shuljak is a former theater artist and art teacher who took up this interesting hobby when her friends gifted her some wool and she made her first wool animals—a bear and a rabbit. Each day, the artist’s collection of whimsical creatures has grown and includes many animals such as foxes, polar bears, hedgehogs, elephants, and many others.

“I saw children’s sonorous happiness in an adult man holding in his hands what I did,” Shuljak told Colossal about her inspiration for this project. “Until now, it touches me, causes surprise and peace.”

Even though her talent and creativity garnered more than 40k followers, Shuljak insists that her creatures “do not aspire to the exhibition hall, do not claim to be art. These are just small lumps of joy, carefree second smiles.”

All of her creations can be bought online and people who want to learn how to make these intricate wool creatures can attend her workshops in Moscow.

Take a look at Shuljak’s artwork in the photos below.

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