Not So Talented Artist Creates Not So Good Celebrity Portraits

Matteo Carta is a guy from Italy who works as a wedding photographer by day, but in his free time, he tries to be a portrait artist. We say “tries,” because, as he so beautifully describes, he’s the #1 TOP BAD ARTIST IN THE WORLD. However, that doesn’t stop him from sharing his portraits on Twitter and Instagram.

Unlike many people who were discouraged by a lack of talent, Carta decided to follow his passion no matter what. “The idea of making these portraits came to me 2 years ago while I was watching some content on Instagram. Scrolling around, I found an artist named ‘Tw1tterPicasso’, and there I opened my eyes to the world of bad artwork,” the artist wrote for Bored Panda.

“Inspired by his style, I created my own quest to become the worst artist in the world using mainly celebrities, actors and important people for inspiration.”

Carta doesn’t have any aspirations to be the best and most talented artist and that’s probably what people love about him. His portraits of famous people are not good at all, but he tries his best to accent their well-know features and in the end, you must appreciate his efforts.

Take a look at his unique drawings and make sure to support him on Instagram.