One Artist is Turning Pesky Weeds Into Stunning Sculptures

Who hasn’t blown the seeds off a dandelion and watched the seeds float off and bounce in the wind?

For the Tokyo based artist known as Euglena, dandelions are more than just a childhood treat, they’re the basis of her incredible art. She uses dandelion seed puffs to create intricate sculptures in a new series called Watage. 

According to her website, the dandelion pieces are “interactive installations where dandelion puffs substitute the use of an artificial driving force to animate the work.” 

The artist harvests dandelion puffs and connects them together using only glue and a very, very steady hand. 

While the dandelion pieces look beautiful in pictures, the artist recommends you experience the artwork in person. The delicate pieces of dandelion literally react to the crowd, swaying back and forth in response to the viewers’ movements or even breath. A light breeze in the gallery can trigger a totally unique viewing experience. 

In addition to documenting the project in a series of videos, the artist also captures the slight movements of everyday objects such as plants in video posts on her Instagram.

Check out the wonderful dandelion art on her Instagram below or visit her website to see videos of their creation on her website.

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