Graffiti Artist Spray-Paints Incredible Animals in the Forest

The last place you’d probably expect to find a graffiti artist is a lush forest, but the lack of buildings and concrete hasn’t stopped artist Evgeny Ches from creating stunning pieces of graffiti. 

In order to create his artwork, the Moscow based artist uses a canvas of transparent cellophane wrapped around two trees. He then spray paints directly onto the cellophane. 

Ches discovered the process, which he calls CelloGraffiti, by researching different canvases. “I like to experiment and try different techniques, materials, and surfaces,” Ches told A Plus.

Ches leaves the background of the clear canvas empty, giving his pieces the illusion that they’re simply existing amongst nature. 

“The contrast seems very interesting to me when street art moves to a natural environment,” he explains in a short film about his art. “Millions of artworks are covering buildings, bridges, fences.” 

Ches’ favorite subjects to paint in the forest are life-size recreations of wildlife, including grasshoppers, bunny rabbits and ducks. He’s even taken a step back in time and painted a fierce Tyrannosaurus.

If you want to see his work, you have to be quick, Ches photographs the final product and takes the cellophane down after about a day, honoring the natural environment. 

You can check out his work on his website or on his Instagram below. 

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