These paintings Look So Real

Image via Arinze/Instagram

Is it a picture? No, it’s a drawing. Amazing, right? This artist creates some of the best pieces of hyperrealism.

Drawing portraits take a lot of time, patience and skill. This Nigerian artist, Arinze Stanley, does this as well, but his work is even harder. Stanley uses monochrome pencils, and the results are simply mind-blowing.

Most of the drawings take this talented artist more than a hundred hours to complete. So far, they are one of the best hyper-realistic art pieces in the world. They look so real and so many people may doubt the authenticity of his drawings. If you are one of such people, take a look at some of his unfinished pieces. He posts them on his Instagram page as he works on them until they are complete. These pictures will reveal how he achieves this hyper-realistic look. This raw talent has helped launch his career as an artist.