Paper Plants and Flowers by Tania Lissova

Tania Lissova is a talented paper artist from Russia who creates amazing paper miniatures of plants and flowers. Her paper sculptures are made of tiny pieces of paper that she carefully cuts with knives and glues together. The artist started creating paper flower bouquets and plants as a hobby and turned it into a full-time job over time.

She currently has nearly 400k followers on Instagram that enjoy seeing her new projects daily. While answering their questions in a Q&A session on her account, Lissova said that there’s no secret behind her creativity. “I just love what I do. It motivates me to keep creating,” she wrote.

The artist started creating these adorable miniatures for fun but then found them to be the perfect creative outlet she needed. See more on her Instagram page and follow her if you’d like to get the updates in the future. Below are some of her works we loved the most.