Russian Artist Draws Amazing Portraits in Just One Hour

Nikolay Yarakhtin is the talented street artist from Saint Petersburg in Russia and he creates the most realistic portraits of people he meets on the street. The most impressive thing though, is that Yarakhtin needs only one hour from the moment his subject sits in the chair, to finish his brilliant lifelike portrait.

Yarakhtin says that he discovered his talent when he was only six or seven years old and the artist has been perfecting his skills ever since. Today he has more than 28 years of experience in creating these stunning portraits.

“When you draw a live portrait, you can see the model better. Unlike drawing from a flat photograph, you can see an actual shape of the face,” the artist said. But are there any drawbacks of drawing live portraits?

“The most challenging in portraiture drawing is when a model moves a lot. It becomes difficult to capture the likeness.”

Take a look at these amazing portraits in the photos below.