Sabeena Karnik’s Paper Alphabet Deserves the Hype

Sabeena Karnik has a way with paper. Working independently as an illustrator and typographer, she’s specialized in paper sculpturing and 3D illustration, with her techniques including paper quilling as well as paper cutting.

Based in Mumbai, India, Karnik knew she wanted to pursue art as a career, ever since she was a young child. “I have always had a very keen interest in beautiful writing, calligraphy, be it the names of my family, friends, and even people I idolized,” she recalled in an interview with All Things Paper.

According to Karnik, pursuing an education in art was only natural. Having completed a degree in graphic design, she focused on typography, which she calls her first love. “In my final year project, I concentrated purely on paper and 3D paper sculpturing,” she says. “Fortunately the result came out very well. I thought why not try and experiment a little more by combining the two, so as a fun way to pass the time one afternoon, I randomly started making alphabets out of paper.”

Her paper alphabet proved to be a raging success, and as she shared her work online, it became somewhat of a viral sensation. “Before I could finish the entire letter series, I started getting offers from advertising agencies to collaborate with them,” says Karnik. “And I have been very busy ever since, working with agencies in the U.S, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and South Africa.”

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