Square Wave – A Mind-Bending Kinetic Toy With Hypnotizing Revolutions

Artists Ivan Black and design studio Atellani recently launched a Kickstarter for their new creation called Square Wave, “a unique piece of kinetic design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the basic structure that is the makeup of every living thing,” according to their campaign.

Square wave is composed of 21 connected metal rods which curve and transform suddenly with the introduction of energy. The kinetic toy shifts into various patterns and shapes based on the amount of energy applied and the way it is turned. “The repetition of identical elements is precisely calibrated to create complex fluid structures.”

The sculpture which combines iconic natural forms with a mathematical formula was designed by Black who has a strong fascination with math patterns found in nature.

Square Wave is available in 3 finishes (lunar gold, eclipse bronze, and metallic silver) and is currently available to those who pledged for the campaign.