Stan Herd Creates Astonishing Large-Scale Land Art

If you would have seen the works of Kansas-native painter and muralist Stan Herd in person, the chances are that you might not be overly impressed. When looked from the usual perspective, his land art seems like bunch of random things laid out on the ground. However, if you find a way to look at them from above, you’ll end up being amazed.

Herd has been creating large-scale land art, or earthworks as he likes to call it, for the past 40 years. He uses a number of natural materials like soil, grass, and wood, to shape massive patches of land into impressive artwork that look like they could have easily been painted with a huge brush.

Over the years, Herd had the opportunity to work all across the United States and in several countries worldwide including Australia, Brazil, China and Cuba. He also collaborated with a number of major companies, allowing the use of his work for marketing purposes but also aiming to send a message to the world.

Activism is a huge part of Herd’s creative process and he looks to use his works to” bring attention to a multitude of issues showcasing the environment, science, sustainable agriculture and the humanities which all connect on a common theme regarding the “human condition” in the world today. “

You can check out more of his grand artworks below.