Stunning Paintings of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities by Evgeny Lushpin

Russian painter Evgeny Lushpin is a well-known name in the art world thanks to his ability to capture landscapes and cityscapes in an impressively realistic way. Through his oil paintings, Lushpin captures unique scenes and moments from some of the world’s most beautiful cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, and San Francisco.

This talented artist emphasizes the “play of light and dark” in his works, while using rich pallets of color and including numerous subtle details that contribute to the distinct appeal of his paintings. Some of the recurring motifs in Lushin’s artworks include snowy landscapes, streets falling into fog, and buildings covered in evening lights. 

“It’s a different state of mind with each painting, but I always completely immerse myself into the time, place and subject of my art” – Lushpin says about his work.

Check out some of Lushpin’s amazing works below.