Courtney Myers Paints Landscapes from Different Parts of the World

Not everyone has a chance to travel the world and see all the beautiful scenery it offers. But there are ways you can experience other countries and regions and avoid missing out. One of them is by checking out works from Atlanta-based painter Courtney Myers.

This talented artist creates stunningly detailed oil paintings of landscapes that can be found in different parts of the world. She then shares her works on social media to offer internet users a chance to “travel” to amazing places without having to leave their homes.

In a recent interview, Myers revealed that she started painting landscapes a few years ago after coming up with the idea to capture the scenery of different countries on canvas. She started with the countries familiar to her, including her native United States, her husband’s home country of Mexico, and her family’s country of origin, Scotland. The series soon expanded to other territories.

So far, Myers has done paintings with landscapes from Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, and Nepal, among others, but doesn’t intend to stop there. She wants to eventually have a painting representing a landscape from every country in the world.

“Having only painted for only three years or so, I’m also trying to expand my portfolio and grow my skill—I feel like each painting has taught me something unique,” she explains.

Check out more of her paintings below.