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Artist Creates Ceramic Sculptures of Whimsical Creatures from Imaginary Planet

Monsieur Cailloux is a French artist whose whimsical ceramic sculptures are unlike anything you’ve seen so far. The reason for it is that they...

Pastry Chef Creates Mouthwatering Giant Chocolate Matches

If you spend a fair share of your time on TikTok, then you are probably familiar with creations from Amaury Guichon. This pastry chef...
Pinakothek der Moderne, München, Deutschland

Employee Hangs His Own Painting at Munich Museum and Loses His Job

Having their artwork exhibited in a museum is a dream for all artists, but just a few of them managed to fulfill it. But,...

Dolaana Davaá Creates One-Of-A-Kind Melting Art

Dolaana Davaá is a Milan, Italy-based artist who creates one-of-a-kind melting art that leaves viewers captivated and puzzled. Her works feature melting artworks and...

Check Out These Mesmerizing Screen Prints By Chuck Sperry

Even if you are not familiar with the name of American screen print artist Chuck Sperry, chances are that you’ve probably seen some of...

Just Fun

Jennifer Garner at the 90th Annual Academy Awards in 2018

Jennifer Garner Shares a Funny Video Showing Her Struggles to Bathe Her Cat Moose

Pet owners know how hard it is to get their cats to take a bath. Felines hate water because it makes their fur wet...

Self-Taught Artist Creates Impressive String Portraits

Nigerian artist Joshua Adokuru never meant to enter the art world seriously. After enrolling at the National Open University of Nigeria, he chose computer...

Connecticut Home Baker Makes Jaw-Dropping Cakes

Lauren Wodnicki is a home baker who is taking cake-making to a whole other level. The way this Connecticut-native does that is by baking...

This Artist Paints With 10 Brushes at the Same Time

Most of us can barely paint something even remotely good using a single brush. But for artist Serge Feeleenger, a single brush is too...

Check Out This Colorful Animal Embroidery By Laura McGarrity

Having your own style is extremely important when it comes to art. It enables the artist to present familiar subjects without being repetitive. The...