Artist Makes Tiny Enchanted Creations Out of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is an exciting, challenging and versatile medium, generally used for making arts and craft, and used by anyone from children to professional movie makers. The simplicity in working with polymer clay is that it can be shaped and reshaped. The best part? If you aren’t satisfied with the finished product you can always squash it and start over. 

Jennifer Sorensen is a super talented artist specializing in polymer clay, painting, drawing, and other mixed media. Hailing from Colorado, she studied animation and free arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Sorensen was instantly hooked when she saw an artist make polymer clay figurines and she’s playing with clay ever since. Her inspiration Is Walt Disney and her work looks like a tiny fairytale land, complete with cute little creatures and houses. The Wishing Well Workshop is her magical happy place where she makes her dreams come true.  

Take a look at some of her adorable creations.