Take a Closer Look: These Mushroom Sculptures Are Made of Stitch

Amanda Cobbett creates stunning embroidery art, made to look like mushrooms, moss, and wood. Aside from embroidery, her miniature sculptures are made of papier-mache and pyrography. The might as well be created using magic.

“I have always loved textiles,” Cobbett shared with Textile Artist. “I was encouraged to sew and make stuff on a machine from a very young age. I also made paper structures, and I have always explored everything with my hands.”

According to her, her mother and grandmothers, all gifted seamstresses, inspired her love of textiles. But her father, a draughtsman, and grandfather, a talented engineer, also played a part in her artistic shaping, with their to turn a sketch into an object.

Machining approximately 130,000 individual stitches a day, her creations are mesmerizing to look at. Take a look for yourself.