Artist Turns Product Packaging Into Unbelievable Sculptures

Have you ever heard of origami? Origami stands for the art of folding paper and it is most associated with Japanese culture. Close relatives to this type of art are “kiries” and “kirigami”, or the art of cutting paper. The origin of these names is in the meaning of the words “kiru” (to cut) and “kami” (paper). Unlike origami, which only includes folding, kirigami includes both cutting and folding, and typically there is no use of glue.  

Haruki is a Japanese artist that has mastered this art form by transforming old food packaging into intricate models of fun characters, animals, beautiful objects and even entire sceneries. He presents his artwork on social networks like Instagram and Twitter, and people flock to appreciate his immense talent. Where the rest of us see just an ordinary candy packaging or a whiskey cardboard box, this guy sees the potential for extraordinary forms – a samurai warrior holding a sword, a girl playing the violin, a pretty church, and even trains and boats! As a master of kirigami, he uses only techniques of folding and cutting paper to create these marvelous pieces. And his creativity is never-ending. 

Check out these photos and his Instagram profile and enjoy his amazing work!