Take a Walk on the Wild Side With These Fashion Trends

During these uncertain days (weeks, months, years…), at a time when quarantine is the new normal, not only do our daily routines look different—but we ourselves look different.

Grooming and beauty might seem trivial at a time of global crisis but you don’t have to be a health expert to understand that small changes in your wardrobe and beauty routine can have a huge impact on your mood.

These fashion trends might help lift up your spirits, while also adding a playful twist to your zoom meetings. Take note!

Rainbow-Colored Buzzcuts

Getting a haircut is a great way to feel refreshed and well-groomed. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures. Now is the time to experiment with bold choices and even bolder colors.

Instagram inspiration: Janine (Cortez) Ker

Hairstylist Janine Ker has gained a massive following online thanks to her trendy buzzcuts. Her hair models and clients are seen sporting anything from leopard spots to floral patterns and tie-dye swirls, all carefully painted on their heads. Having grown up in the 80s, Ker clearly takes her inspiration from the era’s bold fashion and color schemes.

Sea Glass Nails

Jelly nails have been trending ever since the ’90s. Made by using variously tinted or translucent gel polish colors, the end result looks like a barbie dream. Recent years have seen nail artists add a more contemporary twist to the nostalgic trend.

A recent interpretation has been branded as “sea glass nails”, with the difference lying in the finish. While jelly nails are fairly shiny (and plastic-looking), sea glass nails are typically topped off with a coat of clear matte polish.

Instagram inspiration: Jessica Washick

Nail artist and sneaker designer, Jessica Washick, has an eye for color. “Colors play a huge role too because they evoke emotion,” she explained once in an interview with HYPEBAE. She also added that “a good color story can take you places.” In the case of Washick’s sea glass nails, we’re headed for ’90s territory! Buckle up!

Ruffled Masks

Like it or not, masks are here to stay. So why limit yourself when it comes to your mask? This new addition to your wardrobe can add a punchy statement to your uninspiring tracksuits.

Instagram inspiration: Tia Adeola

The young fashion designer Tia Adeola was first noticed by Teen Vogue. “She’s ready to be one of the greatest female couture designers in the world,” stated the fashion magazine a few years ago, and they weren’t wrong. Known for her trendy looks, Adeola introduced us this past year with the ruffle mask.

The reusable, washable, and adjustable masks come with velcro fastenings and are available in a range of colors, including bubble gum pink and bright orange. According to Adeola, 75% of the profits made will be donated towards the battle against COVID-19.