Talented Embroidery Artist Creates Awesome Lifelike Jellyfish

Embroidery is gaining traction in contemporary art, and we witness numerous talented artists who push the limits of what can be done with threads and needles. One of them is Yuliya Kucherenko, who creates awesome embroidered lifelike jellyfish.

Watching Kucherenko’s embroidery art, it is hard not to think that her subjects could easily jump out of the canvas and join their kind in the ocean. In order to achieve this effect and create realistic and colorful jellyfish, she uses numerous techniques including beading, needle felting, and thread painting. She also attaches other fabric to her works in order to enhance the impression.

Kucherenko also pays close attention to the presentation of her work. She creates stunning and carefully planned backgrounds that perfectly complement each of her creations.

Check out her works below.