Texas Based Makeup Artist is Matching Her Beauty Looks to Her Manicures

Instagram is overflowing with amazing makeup artists who are pushing the envelope with each new post, but there’s something that makes Kayla from South Texas unique. She’s creating amazing beauty looks that perfectly match her nail art.

The 23-year-old makeup artist from Texas attracted almost 75,000 followers to her Instagram, since starting her page @makeupbykay_19 less than three years ago. Kayla initially only shared photos of her favorite beauty products, and the amazing makeup looks she created using them, but that’s ancient history at this point.


She attracted a ton of new followers since she started taking photos of her eye makeup with her hand in the frame. Her manicures perfectly match each makeup look she creates and people started showering her with praise ever since she started this experiment.

What makes Kayla’s looks so amazing is the fact they’re not impossible to pull off. She’s a talented makeup artist, but her nails usually feature one-tone nail polishes from affordable brands, such as SinfulColors, Sally Hansen, and Floss Gloss.