The Colorful Interior Designs of Dmitry Reutov

Russian interior designer Dmitry Reutov has received plenty of accolades over the years. Since 2007, he runs his own architectural and construction company, with his studio conducting projects of varying complexity from residential interiors to business spaces. The studio then implements projects with its own team of builders.

His work takes him all over the world, from New York to Spain. “My schedule is tight, but it’s hard to describe a typical day,” he explained, relaying his work schedule in an interview with Sixtysix Magazine. “I don’t call it work. This is a process for me, a process I love. I’m solving problems. Seven days a week.”

Quite often, his working day begins with calls, which require some decision making – how to make things, who’s going where, etc. Then there’s purchase orders, site inspections, and endless meetings with clients, construction workers, partners, and contractors. “But I always spare myself some days for pure creativity because, at the end of a day, I am creating all the projects myself,” notes Reutov. “When my inspiration is here, I can work through the night,” he adds. “It all depends on the problems that arise, because it’s spontaneous, and you can’t predict or keep track of them, unfortunately.”

Scrolling through his Instagram page, the first thing that stands out is his original color choices, but also his choice of shapes and textures. “When creating interiors, I always turn to nature, asking myself what it would look like in nature,” he explains his creative process. “Even when I look at plastic as a modern man-made material, I associate it with nature. I can relate transparent plastic to ice.”

Enter his colorful interiors: