Add a Translucent Twist To Your Home With These Glass Objects

Some of the earliest works of glass art were glass vessels. As a decorative and functional medium, glass was developed in Egypt and Assyria. These days, it’s hard to imagine our life without glass. Indeed, recent years have seen glass vessels and sculptures in the forefront of home décor trends, and for good reason.

Glass can transform a dark and gloomy interior into a space full of light, adding novelty to a room by virtue of its simplicity and elegance. With all of that being said, the following glass-made objects will upgrade any home!

Elena Zaycman’s Glass Butterflies

Stained glass designer Elena Zaycman has caught our attention thanks to her luminous sculptures of butterflies, moths, and bees created using the Tiffany technique, a glass assembly technique using opalescent glass.

Each piece is made with exact precision, beginning with a detailed sketch: “I like them to be accurate, and I don’t eyeball anything, because it affects every other stage of production,” says Zaycman.

Helle Mardahl’s Glass Lidded Jars

You might mistake Halle Mardahl’s glass objects for translucent candy. Exploring the contrast between organic shapes and hard materials, her designs aim to bring life to spaces, and are equally capable of standing alone or blending in. Amongst her hand-blown pieces you can find vases, bowls, and lamps. Personally, we find her glass-lidded jars irresistible.

Devyn Ormsby’s Glass Fruit

These glass-made fruit pieces remind us of the plastic replicas our grandmother showcased in her kitchen. Nostalgic to a tee, Devyn Ormsby’s unique collection features lemons, pears, mandarins, and bananas made from glass in a single block of color.

“Fruit holds a large significance in art history, which is where I think the appeal comes from,” says Ormsby, whose work nods to the blown glass fruit makers and collectors from the 1960s.