The Cutest Raccoon On Instagram is Living it Up in the Bahamas

When a family living in the Bahamas finds a one-month-old raccoon in their backyard, you just know it’s a Disney cartoon waiting to happen.

Yet, life is stranger than fiction. When a real-life family found this little furball, they contacted the local Humane Society, which was at the time unable to take her in. So, the family that discovered the little raccoon took her in and nursed her back to health.

The raccoon soon became a part of the family which couldn’t help falling in love with her black circles and adorable temperament and gave her the name Pumpkin.

Pumpkin now lives with her interspecies family, which is made up of three humans (mommy, daddy, and little sister) and three rescue dogs.

Pumpkin’s Instagram is our window to her wacky mishaps and adventures at home. Her irresistible personality and idiosyncratic habits keep us coming back to watch Pumpkin eatS blueberries, Pumpkin playS with the pups, Pumpkin eats avocados, Pumpkin curls up in her bed, Pumpkin eats biscuits… Well, it seems that Pumpkin indeed likes to eat a lot!

Check it out!