The Fashionable Women of Yali Ziv

Tel Aviv-based Illustrator, Yali Ziv works her way around geometrical shapes and solid bright colors, with her greatest loves being paper cuttings and pencil sketching. Having graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering, Art & Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design, her clients include esteemed brands and publications such as Tollman’s, The Washington Post, Wix, and RESLING Publishing House.

“Most of the time I work with commercial brands that are mainly related to design, fashion and lifestyle, that have ideas and projects that I connect and relate to,” she added in an interview with Sense of Creativity. Fascinated by the world of fashion and textile, as well as its combination with art and illustration, her illustrations tend to center around female characters.

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מוכנה לחורף

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This is a conscious choice, which Ziv ties with her ideology. “As a feminist woman and creator, when I can choose – I’d rather choose to represent women (and men) that are based on beauty models that are different and varied,” she explains. “For example, using different skin and hair colors and body types.”

Inspired by architecture as well as children’s books, Ziv hopes to write and illustrate a children’s book herself someday. “As long as my memory goes back, I was always sketching and drawing,” she recalls. “When I grew up I realized that if there was something that came to me as easily and naturally as painting, then maybe I should do something with it.”

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