The Magical Crystal Cave Hidden in Almeria

The largest crystal cave in Europe and the second-largest in the world will be open for visits this summer. It’s 60 meters deep, coinciding with sea level, 8 meters long, and 2 meters high. And the best of all is that its crystals reach over two meters, making it one of the rarest geological finds ever. 

The Pulpí Geode is located in La Mina Rica, Spain, and it’s just one more example of how breathtakingly wonderful the creations of natural forces can be. This type of rocky cavity occurs naturally by the crystallization of minerals driven to the place through water, where water and salt are the two main ingredients.

There are many geodes scattered throughout the world, with spectacular shapes and colors of the crystals that cover their walls, but very few are as giant and as rarely visited as this one.  

This Almeria jewel was discovered 20 years ago by members of the Mineralogist Group of Madrid, during one of their usual expeditions to search for minerals, but this August this wonder will become available for the public eyes for the first time. The cave is a truly unique site and we are all looking forward to it.