9 Hours Hotel – Take a Nap and Quick Shower Before or After You Get Off Your Plane

Japan is a country that takes many things a big step further, and this hotel is just proof of that. 

We would like to present to you the 9 Hours Hotel, which is located in different cities in Japan. You can find seven 9 Hours Hotels in Tokyo, two in Osaka and one in Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Sendai. 

They are designed to offer the guests more freedom than a usual hotel. The guests can check in 24 hours a day and use the facilities for as little as 1 hour. These hotels are cheaper compared to other accommodations and are located near major airports, central parts of the town, or train stations. There are also showers available 24 hours a day in the offer, as well as hand-brewed coffee and private desks. Also, the lodging has a common room that has a microwave and a vending machine. 

We have to go back to 1970 to know the origin of this formula that was born as an economical alternative to typical accommodation offers for situations like missing the train or having to wait for hours at the airport. What’s best of all, other countries have already incorporated this into their offer as well!