The Modern and the Classic Blend Together in These Acrylic Paintings

It’s hard not to spot the inspiration behind Diane Dal-Pra’s acrylic paintings.
Picasso and Matisse come to mind, but also, strangely, some Renaissance painters; blending, therfor, the modern with the classical.

The Paris-based graphic artist and painter creates artworks that showcase the special kind of bond that women share, and evoke a sense of longing. But while portraying the modern women, her composition is Renaissance inspired.

“I don’t know if I can describe a signature visual language,” Dal-Pra explained in an interview with It’s Nice That, “but most of the time, I’m trying to find the balance between realism and abstraction.”

It’s this distinctive blend of modern and classical that has caught the world’s attention, with clients that include Gucci and Rus. “I love to give life to my painting, that’s why each collaboration is for me the opportunity to make it live differently, on different surfaces for different projects,” said the artist. “I love to confront and bring together my aesthetics with the aesthetics of other entities, that’s partly why I love working with brands with a strong identity.”

Check out some of her work below.
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