The Most Amazing Structures Around The World

Our lives are full of necessary structures, from basic furniture to the buildings we live and work in. But outside of these basic structures — and sometimes, within them — there’s uniqueness and creativity that helps them stand out.

Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas

This architectural gem was designed by Maurice Jennings.
Image from Reddit

Polygone Riviera, France

This is just one part of a shopping complex along the French Riviera.
Image from Reddit

El Palau, Spain

This mesmerizing glass structure is the work of Spanish architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner.
Image from Reddit

Colorful house, India.

This is what happens when the architect is allowed to be creative.
Image from Reddit

Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Imagine living in perfect peace with nature.
Image from Reddit

National Art Center, Japan

This is the “Forest of Numbers” exhibit by Emmanuel Lemoureaux.
Image from Emmanuel Lemoureaux

The Interface, Singapore

This residential complex in Singapore features 31 interlaced apartment blocks and eight big courtyards.
Image from Reddit

OCAD University, Canada

The Ontario College of Art and Design certainly has a unique building. It’s called the “Tabletop” and it towers above the Toronto streets.
Image from Wikipedia

‘Cairn’ rock sculpture, Nevada

Nevada Museum of Art holds this piece by artist Celeste Roberge.
Image from Instagram

House on the Cliff, Spain

Do you also see an angry face from here? We bet it’s incredible on the inside.
Image from Reddit

Elevated bike path, Denmark

Copenhagen takes care of its bikers. This creative path is proving it.
Image from Reddit