The Napa Valley Wine Train Offers a Mystery Murder Tour

California’s Napa Valley is world-famous for its exquisite wine, cheerful sunny days and Napa Valley Wine Train tours. These days, for the lovers of both great wine and great mysteries, the Wine Train offers a new extravagant Murder Mystery Tour.

From April until November, travelers who enjoy solving mysteries will have the opportunity to be a part of an unforgettable experience. The train will host the tour once a month on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

To make you feel like you truly are a part of an Agatha Christie novel, all passengers will receive clues and get their turn to be a detective during the three-hour tour. Although there is no actual murderer on the loose, passengers need to collaborate with each other in order to solve the case.

A true detective wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate iconic clothes, so you get the chance to solve murders, taste excellent wine AND wear 1920s clothing. Also, the passengers will enjoy three gourmet courses alongside special desserts, different for every journey.

So put on your tassel skirt or deerstalker hat, start following the clues and get ready to solve the mysterious crime. The Murder Mystery Tour will make you feel like a Hercule Poirot for a day!