Street Artist Explores Body Movement

Taylor White is the obscenely talented woman behind indoor and outdoor murals, portraits, and sketches that have drawn increasing interest thanks to their intense intimacy and bold expression, which draw the viewer close to the work and the artist herself.

White is often inspired by improvisational dance and the “exquisitely expressive” movements of the human body, so that a lot of her work is focused on human figures in relation to themselves and each other, exploring how consciousness and the soul manifest through the physical.

White’s choice to pursue painting took her to Australia, following life in both Norway and the States, which added onto her rich visual expression. Australia was a turning point in White’s career, as she began exhibiting her work in the streets as well as galleries, mainly creating delicate, ephemeral portraits of forlorn youth.

This incredible artist combines her classical training with bold colors in her work. This is the mark of the two sides that have shaped White – her art education on one hand, and the urban, street art and pop culture, on the other.

Scroll down to experience some of her intense, beautiful pieces.

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