These Adorable Jars Are Inspired by Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Artists and designers can find inspiration in the weirdest places. For Miranda, inspiration comes from Ancient Egypt.

Toronto-Based Miranda is a former interior designer who has been focusing more and more on ceramics in the past few years. Her interest in ceramics comes from her days as a design student who also minored in ceramics. One day, in her ceramics class, she received an assignment – to use the throwing wheel to create a lidded object. She happily accepted the assignment and started looking for inspiration.

Miranda has a special love for ancient cultures and for animals, so she instinctively wen to look for ideas in Ancient Egyptian art. In her art history books, she learned about Egyptian Canopic jar – jars there were used to preserve the deceased’s internal organs in the mummification process, and were buried with him. The jars were usually shaped like Egyptian gods with animal heads.  Miranda decided to create her own take on the ancient tradition and design her own line of Canopic jars, shaped like animals.

 Miranda shares her Canopic jars on her IG account. What started out as a small classroom assignment has turned out into a whole line of products, with dozens of tiny, adorable jars, Check out her work below.