Colorful Illustrations Made By Dani Maiz

Spain-born illustrator and concept artist Dani Maiz starts his projects by using traditional art, like graphite on paper and often using hand-made textures with graphite, ink, etc. while the colorizing is done digitally.

In an interview with Ballpit, he said that his “style is vibrant, positive and colorful”.

“I have always tried to find my own way of doing, a language associated with my personality, and maintain coherence. I often focus my illustrations with humor, I believe in it as the best way to connect with the viewer. I like to work with a combination of geometric and curved strokes, clean and simple. My style is vibrant, positive and colorful,” Maiz revealed.

Growing up in the ‘80s, he was surrounded by comics, animation, and video games from which he seeks inspiration from. He also finds big cities as a great source of inspiration, like for example Berlin where he is currently living.

If you are curious to see his artwork, check out the gallery below or have a look at his Instagram account for more.