These Artists Draw Their Inspiration From ALL the Colors of the Rainbow

With winter well on its way we’re looking for all the color inspiration we can get. The following artists gained traction thanks to their vibrant color palettes that seem to draw inspiration from all the colors of the rainbow. A sort of colorful mess, it’s the sugar rush we crave in these dark (and getting daker) days.

1. Pip & Pop

Pip & Pop is what one would imagine finding at the very edge of the rainbow. A colorful blend of sculptures, paintings, and installations, it’s the brainchild of Australian artist Tanya Schultz. “My work seems to have gotten more and more intensely colorful over time” she shared with Hot ‘N’ Gold magazine. “Sometimes I step back and think… oh dear, what have I done!? So much color it could make you fall over.”

2. Gilles and Cecilie

Much like Pip & Pop, artistic duo Gilles and Cecilie like to keep things colorfully messy, with their art (both personal and commercial) spanning across different mediums. From illustrations and murals to animation and environmental design, the Norwegian and French designers don’t shy away from color, attracting brands like Nissan, Diet Pepsi, and the Guardian.

3. Velvet Spectrum

Luke Choice (aka Velvet Spectrum) also sticks to vibrant colors, with his digital illustrations the very meaning of eye-popping. Aside from his illustrations, the Los Angeles-based artist also incorporates animation and typography into his work, with the end result both playful and unique.

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