These Cute Smiling Planters Will Make Your Day

Abby Ozaltug has a small pottery studio in Burlington, Ontario, creating every piece by hand to make sure that only the finest quality will be produced in her ceramic artworks.

The Canadian potter creates smiling clay planters complete with arms and legs. The planters transform ordinary green plants into adorable characters such as the hanging planter Maya with her sweet happy face and tiny swing, adding joy to any house. It’s perfect for small to medium size plant or succulent. Planter Maya is handcrafted from speckled stoneware clay sheets and dipped in white satin glaze, burned to high temperature.

In addition to these cute little planters, Ozaltug creates other ceramic works such as chimes – hand formed out of high-quality porcelain clay, flower vase – inspired by the birch trees in the Bronte Creek Forest, and ceramic incense burner – a tiny house-shaped incense holder ideal to your meditation routine.

You can check her Instagram account, @CeramicSense, to see more of her beautiful products.