Add a Touch of Humor to Your Home with Lorien Stern’s Ceramics

Lorien Stern’s ceramics are a celebration of color and creativity. Based in a small town in the Western Mojave Desert, her creations don’t take themselves too seriously, adding a playful twist to their surroundings. Such are her flower vases shaped like ghosts or her a shark head sculptures meant to hang on your wall.

“I feel that my consistent theme is making work that makes me feel happy,” she shared with the Urban Outfitters blog. “Even if it has to do with unsettling subjects like death, or mysteries of the ocean, I like it all to bring out positive feelings.”

Talking about her work routine she said: “I usually wake up around 10 am and work until midnight or later, in the studio or doing computer work. I watch a lot of movies, series, and trash tv while I work. I also listen to music and podcasts… It helps me stay focused/get in the zone.”

Check out some of her work in the gallery below.

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