These Hyper-Realistic Drawings Are Just Mind-Blowing

Howard Lee is British multidisciplinary artist whose works definitely belong in the mind-blowing category. Lee has the ability to create hyper-realistic drawings that can easily be mistaken for the real deal thanks to the incredible attention to details. 

Lee gained the attention of social media users when he uploaded a video on YouTube which shows his spot-on drawing of a hot dog, mustard and ketchup included. Most users were not able to differentiate the drawing from the real hot dog, and the video quickly went viral.

Since then, Lee has been wowing people on social media with new drawings, illustrations, and other optic illusions.

“You start with a few sketchy lines and then everything after that is a ‘spot the difference,'” – Lee told Mashable about his creative process. “You compare the differences and correct them. For hyper-realistic art, you just don’t stop that process until you’ve created an illusion of sorts. With my own work, it’s important that reality and drawing look the same from the perspective of a camera so there’s quite a process of checking/comparing for me there.”

While he does hyper-realistic drawings of many everyday items, his most popular works remain those that revolve around food.

“I don’t know why,” – Lee explains. “Perhaps they are just everyday and plain so I guess that contributes to the illusion. You don’t expect anything odd to happen with such common objects.”

Check out some of his most popular works below.