Colorful And Accurate Maps That Shows You The World’s Watersheds

Guided by the thought that maps can be gorgeously colored and precise, Robert Szucs presents the most beautiful maps that show you the world’s drainage basins.

Robert Szucs is a Hungarian cartographer and GIS analyst who travels the world to create astonishing maps by using vivid colors to create a more noticeable effect. These maps show the flow of streams into main rivers, and main rivers into the sea (or their final destination) with incredible accuracy. He manages to do this by using GIS – Geographic Information Systems. Using GIS, he collects data about rivers and streams which allows him to create real visual representations of the current state.

Szucs used to work in England before he decided that traveling is more suitable for him, so he started volunteering his mapmaking skills for different NGOs. Up until now, he has worked alongside archeologists on the Caribbean island, in an orangutan conservation program in Indonesian Borneo, and with marine biologists in Alaska. He says that all his moves are temporary and that it’s his way for developing his skills and also experiencing the world.

We hope this talented cartographer will keep on with his work and give us more surprises.