These Super Realistic Portraits by Aleksander Ilic Will Blow Your Mind

With sharp lines, distinct shapes and clear colors, these pictures look like they were captured by a talented photographer. When you take a closer look, you may be shocked to discover that it is a drawing. These hyperrealistic drawings are done by 25-year-old Aleksandar Ilic who was born on 17 December 1994.

The self-taught artist resides in Loznica, Western Serbia. He started drawing since he was an adolescent in elementary school. Ilic had no formal training when it comes to drawing. He has perfected his drawings over the years, and the result is mind-blowing.

His surreal portraits are striking and include a sharp attention to details. This skill gives his drawings a magical touch while keeping it real. He uses his social media pages to promote his work. You can see more of his pictures in his Instagram gallery. Scroll below to see some of his work.