This Artist Can Do Anything With Paper

Andy Singleton is a paper artist and illustrator who creates incredible paper artworks of everything he can think of.

Inspired by the natural and manmade world, he creates intricate paper sculptures, paper cuttings, hand drawn illustration and large scale installations. He has worked for famous clients such as Burberry, Harrods, Hermés, Kensington Palace, Playstation, and Manchester Art Gallery.

The British artist loves to produce artworks with paper but is also open on working with other materials such as ceramic, wood and metal.

“I also think some of the paper pieces I produce as artworks would lend themselves to being reproduced or fabricated in other materials. I also like the idea of working with another material directly, with a hands on exploration of what it can do. I hope you will be seeing this from me in a few years time in various forms,” he said in a 2013 interview with Strictly Paper.

Scroll down to see his latest creations.