This Artist Creates Beautiful Collages of Natural Landscapes

Illustrations can do a lot of things. They can give a new perspective on a familiar subject, they can incite emotion, they can distract or focus. For Maëlle Doliveux, illustrations tell stories.

Maëlle is a French/Swiss illustrator and a citizen of the world — she’s lived anywhere from the United States to Australia. She’s always been interested in art, so after her high school graduation, she enrolled in the Architecture program at the University of Nottingham, which she graduated from in 2008. She then went to get her master’s degree in Illustration as Visual Essay, from the School of Visual Arts in 2013.

Maëlle’s broad interests and education have helped her forge her own special style as an artist. She creates beautiful collages and mixes drawing with cutting and pasting paper. Her collages usually depict natural scenes — like a forest floor full of wild mushrooms, or bats flying at night — but she also likes to draw people -mountain climbers, kids playing in the winds, a lone house in a stormy night. Her art is enchanting, but also kind of haunting, in the best possible way.

Scroll down to check out some of her works.