This Artist Draws Landscapes… As Cats

Ever wondered what the world would look like if it was made out of cats? Lim Heng Swee did, and he even drew it.

Liam, an artist and illustrator from Kuala Lampur, creates minimalistic illustration based on well-known Japanese landscape paintings and blends cats into the ocean, the sky, and the ground in his paintings.

It all started when he decided to experiment with minimalistic landscape painting, and soon realized that a lot of shapes and curves we’re used to seeing in a landscape are similar to the shapes and curves of cats. So he started incorporating cats into his drawings and created his new series.

How exactly can cats blend into a landscape painting? Well, a napping white cat looks a lot like the snow-covered cap of mountains, for example; the back of a ginger cat sort of resembles a desert dune; and have you ever noticed how rainbows look like a kitten arching its back after a long nap? Even if you don’t see the resemblance, that’s the beauty of art – you can imagine and reimagine everything however you like. The end result isn’t just pretty, it’s also funny and heartwarming, and a  wonderful way to celebrate both nature and our feline companions.