Eny Lee Parker’s Furniture Designs Are Both Artsy and Practical

Eny Lee Parker describes herself as a designer of objects and spaces. Born in Brzail and currently based in Savannah, Georgia, her furniture design is artsy while still being approachable, and more importantly, practical. Through her designs, she aims to explore human needs and wants.

“I started with interior design and was working in that field for some time,” she described her creative journey in an interview with Matter of Hand. “Interior designers love and appreciate furniture, so the appreciation was always there,” she notes. “But when I was working in residential interior design, we used to have to pick out furniture a lot and I always wished that aspects of the pieces were different in this or that way. I never had confidence that I could actually design things until I came back to Savannah and enrolled in a master’s program for furniture.”

Her practice included exploring a lot of different materials, starting with wood and metals, and moving onto ceramics, which is another passion of hers. “I always start with a topic that I am really interested in whether it is feminism or an art movement,” she describes her process. “Then I sketch a bunch, make a lot of mood boards, start some model making or prototypes, and after that I make it.”

Lee Parker’s fascination with the mind and behavior of people leads to objects that echo human emotions. “I do a lot of work on the computer so everything is always done digitally first – I set dimensions for everything,” she notes. “That’s especially important with furniture. The ceramics don’t always stay accurate, but I have to know generally what height or width I need. It’s so much easier for me to have everything drawn; it’s kind of like having blueprints. You kind of have to. It’s a little different than being in sculpture.”

Take a look at some of her unique designs in the gallery below:

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