This Artist Makes Organic Sculptures on Human-Made Objects

We as humans can only modify nature for our needs, but in the end, nature always wins. Its time we learn to appreciate everything we have and use it rationally so we can survive longer on our dear, irreplaceable planet.  

Stephanie Kilgast shows through her art the wonderful symbiosis that can form between nature and human-made objects. Mushrooms, insects, plants and different kind of animals inspire her life-like sculptures. As a true nature lover, she likes to display the sensitive balance between human activities and nature and how easy it is to cross that line. Her artwork sends out a powerful message: nature can grow back on its own if we just let it. 

She says that humans are a part of nature and by destroying our environment we are destroying ourselves, adding that it’s up to us to change so we can manage the environmental crisis we ourselves created.  

Check out her amazing sculptures and remember that every action counts, no matter how small it is!