This Foodie Will Show You The Best Food in Las Vegas

If you were to imagine one city where you could try a national dish from each country of the world, that city would and should be Las Vegas. Visiting Las Vegas would definitely be a memorable trip by itself, but if you happen to be a dedicated foodie, visiting some of the most celebrated restaurants of the gourmet cuisine of Vegas is a must.  

Lindsay from lasvegasfoodie travels all over Las Vegas in order to keep up with culinary trends and keep you posted on what to try next when in the city that never sleeps. She is not afraid of trying out novelty dishes, and Las Vegas is currently one of the world’s hottest destinations when it comes to innovative and delicious food concoctions. 

From hand-pulled ramen noodles to real Mexican mole and some funny-sounding Russian dishes, you can find a real explosion of flavors, textures, and colors in Lindsay’s pictures. 

Soon, she says, she wants to have her own traveling and eating show, but for now, she is happy with what she has, with her brand getting larger and larger every day. With over 195k people following her, she doesn’t really have a reason to do anything else in her life other than go out and enjoy amazing food!